Study Group

After his jnana yajnas, Pujya Gurudev would advise all present to form Study Groups. He also gave them a scheme of study, so that they could go about it in a systematic manner. Study Groups are forums meant for reflecting on the wisdom heard in the jnana yagnas.

The study of the scriptures is like looking into a mirror. Only when we become aware of our faults that we can be motivated to transform ourselves. Therefore the weekly class is very important. We must study the scriptures everyday.

For Study Group members to grow progressively, the Chinmaya Mission has a systematic scheme of study, which the group follows. Led by a senior member from the Mission the group meets at either the Mission center or in the home of a devotee. Each member sharing their understanding and voicing their doubts on the subject follows reading from the text. Analysis and discussion help to clarify concepts and clear reservations.

Co ordinator:  Dr.V.S.Venugopal
phone no:  9447327716

study group classes
1. Perapoor, Temple hall,Bhajagovindham,2nd and 4th Sunday, coordinator Meena.G
2. I Love You, book, study group 2nd batch morning, evening, Thursday twice in a month {(1.chinmayavani,vazhuthacaud)(2.chinmayapadamanabha,manacaud)}
3.Vattiyoorkavu class, Meena.G , home